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V2X field test system - environment generator


Key facts

  • Rapid deployment field test system for V2X applications
  • Environment generator (scenario based) for simulation and generation of V2X messages from multiple C-ITS nodes (vehicles or RSUs)
  • Multi standard support (EU, USA, China)
  • Hybrid communication DSRC & C-V2X
  • Battery powered operation up to 20 hours

The waveBEE®to-go is the mobile and self-sufficient solution for testing V2X functions in the field. In combination with the waveBEE®creator software for creating test cases, the system enables fast, easy and reproducible execution of complex V2X test scenarios.

Automotive manufacturers and manufacturers of traffic systems have to ensure the correct functioning of V2X based applications: be it an ADAS/AD function in the vehicle, a signal request from an emergency vehicle at an intersection or public transport prioritization.

The waveBEE®to-go generates a real V2X network for the device under test, which enables spatially and temporally valid regression tests.

Functional testing of V2X applications in a conventional way is costly, especially if several vehicles, infrastructure or even Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs) are to be involved in the test scenario: Vehicles and e.g. traffic signals have to be on-site and equipped with V2X technology. A lot of personnel is required to perform the test itself and reproducibility is not given.

The waveBEE®to-go replaces all real participants of the test scenario - no matter where the test is performed - with simulated V2X nodes. waveBEE®to-go generates all V2X messages relevant for the test case at runtime and transmits them standard-compliant via the air interface.

The waveBEE®to-go is the sophisticated solution for a consistent and efficient V2X test strategy for OEMs as well as for infrastructure manufacturers and operators.

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Typical fields of application

  • V2X research and development
  • Functional validation of series systems (e.g. V2X ECUs in vehicles)
  • Generation of test cases during installation (e.g. of Road Side Units / C-ITS stations)
  • Maintenance and operational safety (e.g. of traffic systems)
  • Proving ground and test track equipment
  • Simulation of congestion situations, intersections, gantries, VRUs, various types of vehicles, barrier trailers, trams, buses, emergency vehicles and much more...

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Technical Data

Communication standard

Communication technology
DSRC (IEEE802.11p)
C-V2X (PC-5 sidelink)
Power supply
Li-Ion battery (200 Wh),
12 VDC line in,
external 12 VDC power supply

Power consumption
15 W (max.) est.
DSRC IEEE 802.11p, Single / Dual / Diversity
mode with two antennas

C-V2X PC-5 sidelink

WLAN IEEE802.11a/b/g Access Point
6 kg

315 / 111 / 315 mm (W/H/D)
w/o antennas

Intel® E3825 Prozessor,
16 GB eMMC mass storage,
Hardware Security Module (HSM)


Cast aluminium

Operating temperature
-20° C to 60° C,
max 95% humidity

Due to product updates and future developments, technical data may change without prior notice.

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