The core of waveBEE® software solutions

Key facts

  • Multi Region Support (EU, US, CHN)
  • Modular design, WDS interface
  • No manual ASN.1 encoding necessary
  • Custom payload interface for proprietary content
  • Overall architecture suitable for clusters

The requirements for the functional scope of a V2X stack are constantly changing. New assistance functions or automatic driving functions require the development of new facility services or the adaptation of the payload. With the waveBEE® product family, these new requirements can be successively brought to series maturity in a structured development process. NORDSYS GmbH has been an R&D development partner of numerous OEMs and Tier1 suppliers for the implementation of innovative communication solutions and applications for many years for good reason.

The core of the waveBEE® software solutions is the modular and high-performance waveBEE® V2X stack. This supports several country-specific standards (EU, US, CHN) and can be used independently of the desired communication technology (DSRC / IEEE 802.11p, C-V2X PC-5 sidelink, 5G).

The software architecture developed by NORDSYS GmbH enables the distribution of individual services and applications to several network nodes. In this way, manufacturer-specific ECU architectures can be easily implemented and tested during the development of series solutions. A continuous integration build process and platform-independent programming provide a uniform code base for the entire development cycle - right through to use in the series solution.

There are various licensing options for using the waveBEE®stack outside the waveBEE® product family, whether as an integrated solution for ADAS or communication platforms or e.g. as a sensor component within simulation and test frameworks.

You can find an overview of our products under V2X Products.

Typical fields of application

  • V2X communication stack of the waveBEE® product family
  • 3rd Party On Board Units or Road Side Units
  • Integration in sensor fusion frameworks
  • Integration in ADAS plattforms
  • Integration in testing and analysis systems