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V2X development & data streaming platform


Key facts

  • Powerful V2X, data streaming & edge computing platform
  • Supported V2X standards: EU, USA, China
  • Hybrid V2X communication technology (DSRC & C-V2X) & 4G/5G cellular
  • Unique WDS interface
  • Modular hardware architecture for fast

The waveBEE®plus is a powerful connectivity platform for V2X and vehicle data streaming as well as a communication hub with a wide range of applications.

Thanks to multiple interfaces, the modular waveBEE® V2X communication stack and the design as an open Linux system, it facilitates integration into existing system environments, whether for laboratory setups or vehicle installations.

This system design has proven itself particularly well in the development processes of the automotive industry, as it enables a time- and resource-saving „desk-to-car and back“ process approach.

A powerful API gives the developer full access to every single facility and entity of the waveBEE® V2X stack without having to worry about ASN.1 encodings. The specifi cation of message types is encapsulated. The developer only adapts his application for the WDS (WaveDataService) interface. The waveBEE® stack handles the standardcompliant encoding and decoding of the messages. Individual message types and payloads are also supported. A modular, service-oriented architecture (SOA) greatly facilitates integration in distributed system environments as well as debugging and signifi cantly reduces the time required for application development.

Extensive hardware interfaces and high computing power predestine the waveBEE®plus not only for use as a V2X communication solution but also as a data streaming platform, sensor fusion hub or edge computing system.

Our more than 20 years of automotive experience have gone into the eighth generation of waveBEE®plus: It meets the requirements of a multifunctional connectivity solution for various use cases: New Mobility Services, ADAS, and Automated and Connected Driving.

You can find an overview of our products under V2X Products.

Typical fields of application

  • Research and development
  • OBU for test vehicles / prototyping
  • Application development
  • Data streaming, edge computing
  • Communication hub
  • V2X day 1 and future use cases

360° View

Technical Data

Communication standard
0.5 kg

170 mm x 160 mm x 31 mm
Communication technology
DSRC (IEEE 802.11p)
C-V2X (PC-5 sidelink)
WiFi (IEEE 802.11 ac/a/b/g/n)
i.MX8M Quad CPU
16 GB eMMC Mass memory,
Hardware Security Module (eHSM)
Precision GNSS optimized for urban use
Differential GNSS possible
Operating temperature
Industry standard
-40 °C to 85 °C
Due to product updates and future developments, technical data may change without prior notice.

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