Scenario generator for V2X test environments

Key facts

  • Replicable V2X test environments for laboratory and field testing
  • Functional testing of vehicle or traffic infrastructure
  • Scenario-based test case creation without programming knowledge
  • Multi V2X standard support (EU, USA, China)
  • Hybrid communication DSRC & C-V2X

The waveBEE®creator is a powerful software for creating scenario-based V2X test environments for laboratory and field tests. Preinstalled on Windows® based Tablet PC it is ready to run without further configuration.

Scenarios with multiple, simulated V2X participants can be created on an interactive map and their behavior can be controlled. This includes, for example, typical I2V messages from an RSU at a traffi c signal or dynamic vehicles with corresponding trajectories and waypoints (V2X messages) as well as messages triggered by special events.

This enables reliable, since replicable, test environments with identical parameters for functional testing of the system to be validated.

For example, it could be a V2X-based driver assistance function of a vehicle or a function on the side of traffic engineering systems such as public transport prioritization or traffic flow optimization.

The test scenarios of the waveBEE®creator can be set up with almost any complexity: From a single V2X message to be sent to highly complex dynamic driving environments with several simulated vehicles, traffic signals and events.

These test environments can be created without programming knowledge and without dependencies on other systems and transferred to suitable waveBEE® V2X environment generators (e.g. waveBEE®to-go) and generated directly under laboratory or field test conditions.

The V2X messages of all simulated participants involved in the test scenario are sent out by the waveBEE® environment generator via the air interface, so that real end-to-end tests using the desired transmission technology are possible.

You can find an overview of our products under V2X Products.

Typical fields of application

  • Research & development
  • V2X field tests & trials
  • Safeguarding of series systems (e.g. V2X series control units in automobiles)
  • Simulation of vehicles and traffic signals for smart city applications
  • Integration into test frameworks in vehicle development and simulation (HiL, ViL)
  • Day 1 / Day „x“ V2X use case application validation

Technical Data

Communication standard
Power supply

Internal Li-Polymer battery*
External power supply & cabel

*Tablet PC specification


Communication technology
DSRC / IEEE802.11p
C-V2X / PC-5 sidelink

*depending on waveBEE® system used for broadcasting
0,8 kg
292 / 201 / 8,5 mm (W/H/D)

*Tablet PC specification
Intel Core i5,
8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD
12,3“ LCD IPS Display
Windows®10 PRO

*Tablet PC specification

Regional specific Day 1
Use Case Add-ons

Regional specific Day X
Use Case Add-ons

Due to product updates and future developments, technical data may change without prior notice.

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