VRU Protection Systems

Additional safety for pedestrians and cyclists by merging classic traffic sensor technology and V2X

V2X technology is now not only being researched and tested, but is also being used in production vehicles. So far, this has involved safety and comfort functions of vehicles, enabled by communication with each other (V2V) as well as with traffic infrastructure such as traffic lights or gantries on highways (V2I). Pedestrians and cyclists cannot be perceived in the V2X world because they are not equipped with the corresponding technology. Especially with regard to partially or fully automated driving vehicles that require V2X for their own environment awareness and thus maneuver decisions, it is reasonable to make these particularly vulnerable road users visible in the V2X world: this is made possible by our VRU Protection System solutions. 

Our services

  • Complete plug-and-play system solution for protecting VRUs with traffic radar and waveBEE® Road Side Units.
  • Unique parallel operation of VRU safety system and classic road side unit for sending topology and signal phase information
  • Connection of customer-specific traffic-related sensor integration in existing system landscapes
  • Consulting and engineering services

NORDSYS' VRU* Protection Systems enable the detection of people or two-wheelers by means of traffic radar, thermal imaging or camera sensors. Using waveBEE® Road Side Unit, the detected VRUs are reported to other road users. In this way, vehicles with V2X technology are enabled to identify emerging hazardous situations in good time and actively contribute to the protection of pedestrians.

This solution is therefore particularly recommended for:

  • Inner-city turning situations (e.g. truck turning assistant)
  • Crossing bike lanes or fords on busy streets
  • Poorly visible crosswalks


*VRU: Vulnerable Road Users: pedestrians / cyclists


Use Case
Intelligent intersection: inner-city Road Side Unit to broadcast appropriate V2X messages (CPM) for VRUs from radar data

As part of a joint project between NORDSYS, Volkswagen AG, ASTech and smartmicro, various danger spots were equipped with this system solution and successfully tested. Here, the highly accurate smartmicro systems traffic radar detects the pedestrians and cyclists while the special waveBEE® Road Side Unit converts and transmits this radar data live and on site at the danger point into ETSI ITS-G5 compatible V2X messages including the appropriate classification, direction of movement and speed.

Use Case

Urban mixed traffic: Road Side Unit to broadcast V2X messages from radar data for vehicles without their own V2X equipment


In the next few years, there will be a mix of V2X-equipped, so-called connected cars on the roads, as well as traditional vehicles without their own V2X equipment. For the ideal environment perception of connected cars and the driving assistance and safety systems based on it, a solid data basis is required for all sensor systems of the vehicle. While camera, radar and lidar systems can detect traditional vehicles (as long as there is a direct line of sight), the V2X sensor needs an active transmitter. It is precisely these required V2X messages that the waveBEE® Radar-to-V2X solution generates and broadcasts for the vehicles that are not themselves capable of transmitting, thus also providing the use of a sensor that has no line-of-sight limitation and provides a more comprehensive, complex, message-based environment awareness.

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