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V2X Testfield Systems

Mobile and stationary equipment for test sites or test centers

Despite the most extensive simulation and test procedures in the laboratory, real-life driving in the vehicle is a fundamental component for testing the function of automobiles. Whether it is testing an emergency braking or traffic jam assistant, semi-autonomous driving functions or the NCAP crash test, countless test kilometers are driven to ensure a function or to achieve certification.


The messages of V2X communication already serve as sensors for information acquisition and environment perception in vehicles equipped accordingly, especially for driver assistance systems. It is not without reason that V2X is considered one of the key technologies on the road to automated driving.


Thus, automotive manufacturers and test field operators have the challenge of having to create appropriate test environments and test cases for the V2X-based functions of the vehicles.

Our services

  • System solution test site (complete hardware and software for simulation and analysis)
  • Mobile field test systems
  • Mobile analysis systems
  • Test case creation / scenario definition
  • Consulting and engineering services

NORDSYS offers complete V2X system solutions for this task: From mobile, self-sufficient field test systems for mobile use to complete, scalable test field equipment for simultaneous operation of a wide variety of V2X test scenarios. In addition to powerful waveBEE® V2X environment generators for sending out complex test scenarios with simulated vehicles or traffic signals and intuitive scenario editors, our customers can also benefit from ready-made scenarios that test standardized use cases (e.g. Car-to-Car Communication Consortium Day 1).


Use Case
Test site equipment: Multi-client capable complete equipment for simulated generation of multiple test scenarios distributed on the site.

Permanently installed waveBEE® V2X environment generators on poles transmit the respective test scenarios and thus enable the functional testing of V2X-based vehicle functions (e.g. warning functions, assistance functions or driving functions that are relevant and need to be checked, for example, in automated convoy driving). Different test vehicles can complete individual test sequences in defined test scenarios in different areas of the site, whereby on the one hand predefined test scenarios are available, and on the other hand any test parameters can be adapted or completely individual scenarios can be run by the customer.

Use Case

Mobile field test system for series vehicle: self-sufficient all-in-one solution for most flexible use


The combination of the mobile V2X environment generator waveBEE®to-go, the scenario generator waveBEE®creator and the analysis system waveBEE®touch enables the location-independent generation of test environments without the need for additional systems or vehicles. For example, a test environment for an EEBL - V2X-based warning of heavy braking of a vehicle in front - can be generated within a few minutes and tested directly in a real drive. Even complex test environments with several simulated participants can be realized in a mobile, location-independent and autonomous manner.

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