V2X Laboratory Equipment

Research, develop, analyze

Apart from the commercial use of waveBEE® V2X systems in research and development departments in the automotive and supplier industry, many universities and technical colleges use waveBEE® systems for teaching on the subject of V2X communication.


In particular, the open, Linux-based waveBEE®plus development platforms are frequently used here due to their universal applicability and the quickly accessible waveBEE® V2X communication stacks. As a combined application and communication platform, these can also be ideally used as a prototypical onboard unit or road side unit. In the context of university teaching, laboratory equipment can thus be mapped cost-effectively with just a few waveBEE® systems for a variety of possible application scenarios.

Our services

  • Universal V2X development platforms
  • Modular extensions (environment generators, analysis systems)
  • Support during system implementation
For the visualization of V2X messages as well as their analysis, NORDSYS offers various systems ranging from a simple, clear display of messages on an interactive map to detailed analysis at the content level of the individual message.


Use Case

Equipping a university laboratory


In the context of some courses of studies the topic V2X communication is supposed to be made experiencable and applicable in laboratories by the students. This was done in several expansion stages: From the first single workstation expansion with two waveBEE® development platforms, the addition of analysis systems to waveBEE® environment generators for complex V2X tasks.

Use Case

Equipping a traffic engineering test laboratory


For the verification of V2X equipment of traffic engineering systems of different manufacturers, waveBEE®touch analysis systems are used for the functional analysis on message level in the laboratory as well as for the on-site analysis in the traffic area.

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