V2X solutions

Tested, proven and individual

In addition to the individual products of the waveBEE® family, NORDSYS, based on many years of experience in the automotive industry and as a V2X pioneer, offers complete system solutions for all development phases in the field of V2X technology, from customized analysis systems to the complete equipment of test and inspection fields. In addition, NORDSYS projects individual solutions for a variety of industries and use cases with a highly experienced team of V2X experts.

VRU Protection Systems

Additional safety for pedestrians and cyclists

V2X technology is now not only being researched and tested, but is also being used in production vehicles. So far, this has involved safety and comfort functions of vehicles, enabled by communication with each other (V2V) as well as with traffic infrastructure such as traffic lights or gantries on highways (V2I). Pedestrians and cyclists cannot be perceived in the V2X world because they are not equipped with the corresponding technology. Especially with regard to partially or fully automated driving vehicles that require V2X for their own environment awareness and thus maneuver decisions, it is reasonable to make these particularly vulnerable road users visible in the V2X world: this is made possible by our VRU Protection System solutions.
C-ITS Corridor Equipment

Future-proof V2X systems for highways, cities and communities

At least with the introduction of V2X communication in a volume model of a major German car manufacturer, this technology has arrived on the road in large numbers. But in this network with the goal of making traffic safer, more comfortable and more efficient, the traffic infrastructure also plays a crucial role. The so-called V2I or I2V messages (vehicle-to-infrastructure or infrastructure-to-vehicle) provide, for example, information on the intersection topology and the switching times of traffic signals for inner-city traffic flow optimization and are ideally suited for prioritizing switching times, e.g., for special operations (police, fire department) or public transport (bus, streetcar).
V2X Testfield Systems

Mobile and stationary equipment for test sites or test centers

Despite the most extensive simulation and test procedures in the laboratory, real-life driving in the vehicle is a fundamental component for testing the function of automobiles. Whether it is testing an emergency braking or traffic jam assistant, semi-autonomous driving functions or the NCAP crash test, countless test kilometers are driven to ensure a function or to achieve certification.
V2X Laboratory equipment

Research, develop, analyze

Apart from the commercial use of waveBEE® V2X systems in research and development departments in the automotive and supplier industry, many universities and technical colleges use waveBEE® systems for teaching on the subject of V2X communication. In particular, the open, Linux-based waveBEE®plus development platforms are frequently used here due to their universal applicability and the quickly accessible waveBEE® V2X communication stacks. As a combined application and communication platform, these can also be ideally used as a prototypical onboard unit or road side unit. In the context of university teaching, laboratory equipment can thus be mapped cost-effectively with just a few waveBEE® systems for a variety of possible application scenarios.