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Products and system solutions for international markets

V2X communication is a challenge of global dimension due to different region-specific standards and communication technologies.

NORDSYS offers V2X solutions tailored to each customer or target market, whether it is a single standard on-board unit (ETSI ITS G5, DSRC) or a multi-standard (EU, US, China), multi-radio (DSRC, C-V2X PC-5, 5G) test bed equipment with complex simulation.

For example, in the current rollout phase of V2X in Europe, harmonization and standardization are key topics to ensure the future rollout as well as the use cases and services of tomorrow. As a C-ROADS partner in Germany and provider of V2X automotive solutions, NORDSYS is aware of the challenge faced by C-ITS operators and vehicle manufacturers to achieve a true interoperable communication environment.


The needs of both parties, the automotive industry on the one hand and the C-ITS operators on the other, are identical:

  • Systems and solutions for V2X message generation (Road Side Units, On Board Units etc.)
  • Tools and systems for functional testing and validation of V2X-based services, no matter from which manufacturer or brand they are tested
  • Take a look into the future - ADAS systems need many cooperative messages, which NORDSYS can already support now and in the future.

NORDSYS engineers have in-depth knowledge of V2X technology and drive development in various areas: starting with standardization (as an ETSI member), defining use cases (as a Car2Car Communication Consortium member), contributing to C-ITS harmonization (as a C-ROADS member), consulting authorities and offering complete solutions for the automotive industry and C-ITS infrastructure systems.

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