Test automation and simulation

Replicable test environments for robust results

Vehicle electronics and especially the related software are becoming increasingly complex. New functions are constantly being developed, which are networked with each other and also with external backends. This complexity also increases the number of tests that need to be performed as part of the validation process. In the area of automated driving functions, for example, it is assumed that several 100 million test kilometers will be required before a version can be released. A completely manual validation of these functions and systems is hardly possible and economically not reasonable due to the multitude of traffic situations to be simulated.  

Test automation solutions and simulation environments whereas allow the creation and reproducible execution of almost any test cases and scenarios. This means that quality can already be continuously ensured during the development phase, both for individual functions and at control units or vehicle level. 

NORDSYS supports you in the design and development of test automation and simulation solutions. 

Our Services

  • Design and implementation of HiL, SiL and ViL components and systems
  • Connection of driving simulators
  • Use of 3D engines like Unity  
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