Smart Mobility

Intelligent solutions for smart mobility 
Smart mobility concepts will increasingly determine how we design and live our mobility in the future. Seamless networking of road users and automated driving are creating the conditions for increasingly intelligent and efficient use and sharing of vehicles. The ability to plan routes and activities is significantly improved. When used intelligently, traffic data can be used not only to generate information for optimizing traffic flows, but also for other use cases. 

The networking of modern vehicles in conjunction with IoT and cloud technologies make it possible to link vehicles with mobile online services. With the help of Big Data as well as data science and AI methods, large amounts of data can be mastered and intelligently interpreted. 

Nordsys supports you in deciding on the right concepts and selecting the appropriate technologies. We develop for you and with you the necessary software architectures and components to realize your Smart Mobility concept.

Our Services

  • Development of Big Data and cloud solutions based on AWS and Azure
  • Design and implementation of mobile online services
  • Connecting vehicles and fleets to IoT architectures
  • Processing of vehicle data for information generation
  • Implementation of complex smart mobility use cases
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