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Infotainment systems of the future - we bring visions to the road 

Modern infotainment systems are the command center of every modern vehicle and a crucial interface to the driver. For a long time now, far more functions than instrument cluster, radio and music playback have been standard. With the help of the infotainment system, the driver is entertained, guided to the destination, networked with others and can configure numerous parameters of the vehicle. Interaction is not just limited to display and control elements. Intelligent voice assistants, augmented reality (AR) and gesture control have been standard for a long time; the system interacts multimodally with the user. 

For more than 20 years, the engineers and computer scientists at NORDSYS GmbH have been developing such innovative functions for the infotainment systems of the future. We develop the latest technologies and functions for our customers' research and pre-development departments and bring them to the road in a tangible and understandable way. Always included is a look at sustainable system architectures, software components and UX/UI concepts. 

NORDSYS supports you with the conception and development of the infotainment systems of the future.

Our Services

  • Development of rapid prototyping solutions
  • Planning, development and construction of demonstrators
  • Integration of research content in prototypes and production vehicles
  • Development of multimodal HMI solutions
  • UI/UX design
  • App development
You can find an overview of all our services on the main page Services.