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Automotive system architectures

Scaling overall architectures and middleware systems

Due to the functional diversity of driver assistance and infotainment systems in and around the vehicle, the share of complex hardware and software in modern automotive system architectures is increasingly growing. Vehicles are networked with each other, with mobile devices, with cloud functions and with the infrastructure. People are at the center of an ever-increasing range of functions that must be both intuitively usable and safe, reliable and sustainably controllable. 

These specifications require system architectures and networking concepts that provide a solid foundation in terms of scalability, performance, reliability and security, starting with development and continuing through to series production. 

NORDSYS supports you with the conception and development of automotive system architectures and networking concepts of the future.

Our Services

  • Automotive middleware and vehicle networking concepts
  • System integration concepts and specifications
  • Rapid prototyping solutions and construction of demonstrators
  • Development processes and tools for service- and data-oriented architectures
  • Application development in complex automotive system architectures
  • Development-related validation and testing for automotive systems
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