Information technology

The increasing complexity of the information technology demands highly educated and experienced specialists. The focus of our technical consulting is the analysis of the operational requirements of our customers and the creation of IT concepts.

We do not focus on a special branch because we give technological answers with relevance to a lot of industries. Security of investment, performance and scalability are the main criteria for the decision which technology ist suited best to solve your IT problem.

As an manufacturer-independent system vendor a high level of objectiveness is what you can expect, always aiming for the best cost to effectiveness ratio for our customers. Rely on our many years of experience with Windows, Unix and Linux systems if you search for a high performing, scalable and failsave system solution.

What we do


We are your competent partner for designing and implementing databases like Oracle, Adabas, DB2 and MySQL. Besides backend-technology we design front-end-systems for ergonomic and efficient handling of business data and integrate these to your existing IT infrastructure. Customer Relation Management (CRM), Knowledge-Management (KM) and Computed Workflow are key for efficient administration processes - and even more important - satisfied customers.


  • Oracle
  • DB2
  • Adabas
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
Web based services

"Web based Services" or in short "Web Services" are self-contained systems which offer services through defined interfaces. For the description of these interfaces XML (Extensible Markup Language) is used which can be read and processed by other applications. Web-services can communicate and process data to one another. They offer enormous potential when used for data-processing of busioness applications. (Business-to-Business, B2B)

This leads to huge simplification when interchanging information between systems, persons, companies along the chain of the communication process. When using these services the aggregation of information is possible as well.


The future car-owner is able to monitor the current production status of his new vehicle which is still in the factory. The manufacturer provides a special website which updates frequently. Different service providers and suppliers are involved in the production as well and the manufacturer needs their processed data to update the status. Web-services are used here: The service provider or supplier receives SOAP requests which are necessary to update the status of the customers' car. The manufacturer gets SOAP responses which can be processed and presented to the customer in any way the company chooses.

Individual software

From day to day the complexity of functions a software should handle is increasing. Synchronously the vulnerability for errors and bugs evolves. To minimise this risk when developing individual software choosing the right development process and method is key to success. Of course you need skilled and experienced experts to do the job and get excellent results, which is what our team is known for.

We develop object oriented (OOA, OOD, OOP). Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), servlets, JSP, applets, applications and complex client-server-systems are an integral part of our portfolio.

C, C++, .NET:
Client-server-systems for all established platforms, application development for Windows, Unix distributions and Linux, Interface programming.

What you will get

Service range overview



We are developing tomorrows driver assistance-, infotainment- and communication-systems from the initial idea up to the final realisation.



Intelligent mobility

From car-sharing solutions to connected infotainment to crop-settings control "combine harvester on mobile".




Increasing complexity of the information-technology requires experienced specialists with cutting edge skillsets.


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