Brunswick V2X specialist presents compact DSRC/IEEE 802.11p and C-V2X HiL V2X test bench

Brunswick (Germany), in September 2019 – 
NORDSYS GmbH, a leading provider of V2X system solutions, presents its latest development as a product innovation: The waveBEE®hive - the new compact V2X HiL system supporting IEEE 802.11p and C-V2X as well as its own V2X multistack environment. The product enables generating, monitoring, analyzing and recording in a single system.

„Connected vehicles increase the complexity of testing automobiles. The vehicle is no longer a closed system to be considered individually, but part of an intelligent and highly dynamic network. Therefore, testing sophisticated components such as advanced driver assistance systems or autonomous driving functions requires an equally sophisticated test environment. The effort and cost of such test environments in the field are immense. Nevertheless, it is not possible to ensure basic requirements such as the reproducibility of test parameters, or even to automate standardized tests," explains Manfred Miller, Managing Director of NORDSYS.


Scenario-based test environment with more than 60 dynamic ITS stations

The waveBEE®hive meets this requirement of the automotive industry. It is capable of performing functional tests in the area of V2X-based ADAS in replicable test environments. Even in the basic configuration, it is possible to fully simulate 60 ITS stations. During a simulation, each station - i.e. each participant in the V2X network - acts individually and reacts dynamically to events. Thus interactions, as it is the case with the acquisition of certificates, take place at runtime. A mode for generating additional messages is available for generating load tests. The range of station types extends from vehicles (OBUs) to infrastructure such as traffic signals or gantries (RSUs) to unprotected road users such as pedestrians or cyclists (VRUs).

V2X standards available in Europe and the USA, China coming soon

Currently, C-ITS protocols are available for Europe and North America. Support for the Chinese region will also follow shortly. The waveBEE®hive enables the modeling of complex V2X scenarios including the message types CAM, DENM, IVIM, SPATEM and MAPEM in Europe and BSM, WSA, MAPEM and SPATEM in the USA. Scenarios can be simulated with or without security. Regular updates ensure continuous support for new protocol versions and new message types. With the upcoming support of CPM, SSEM and SREM, the waveBEE®hive is ready to test new V2X-based functions for automotive ADAS development as well as infrastructure-related functions. It provides the ability to test Day One use cases as defined by the Car2Car-Communication Consortium, as well as V2X-based ADAS testing and the extension of existing sensor fusion test environments with V2X.

Completely independent system or integration into test frameworks

The waveBEE®hive is delivered as a "turnkey" all-in-one solution. The 19″ rack offers a modular design that can be extended according to customer requirements. The basic configuration provides a powerful simulation server with pre-configured setup for controlling and monitoring simulations. With the pre-installed, comprehensive V2X scenario editor, the waveBEE®hive allows easy, intuitive creation of complex V2X environments and offers deep configuration options down to V2X message level. This facilitates the modeling of complex test scenarios. Designed as an open system, it enables integration into industry-standard test frameworks such as SUMO and VTD. In addition, the included SDK for the waveBEE®stack (V2X communication stack) offers the possibility of developing proprietary applications and individual test framework integration.

The running simulations are monitored by an integrated V2X monitor software. This visualizes the V2X messages sent on an interactive map. Desired information can thus be viewed quickly and easily through individual filters based on message properties. The data can be displayed and analyzed both in interpreted, human-readable form and as raw data. The analysis software is able to decode different and incompatible protocol versions simultaneously so that no information is lost. This analysis can be performed both at runtime during a simulation and during playback of a recording.

DSRC ITS-G5 and mobile PC5 C-V2X support

The generated V2X messages of the simulations are sent via three waveBEE® RF modules of the rack and monitored by an RF monitor. The number of modules can be extended individually according to customer requirements. Currently, the modules support the IEEE 802.11p ITS-G5/DSRC or PC5 C-V2X standard. Depending on the mode, it is possible to organize several ITS stations in groups and assign them to one module, to allow dynamic assignment or to use the modules individually. In combination with a highly dynamic five-port air interface emulator, scenarios with adaptive damping can thus be simulated.

A dedicated interface enabled synchronous launch of V2X simulations and external simulation frameworks and components. The included scenario software enables the generation of NMEA data streams to control the DUT in the scenario via GNSS position and time data.

As a complete system solution, the waveBEE®hive shortens development times, accelerates and automates test sequences, and provides resilient results for HiL tests through replicable, scenario-based test environments.