Ostfalia students gain access to cutting-edge V2X technology

Brunswick (Germany), May 23, 2018 – 
NORDSYS GmbH, a leading provider of V2X system solutions, today agreed on a strategic partnership with the Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences in Wolfenbüttel. In the future, students at the Faculty of Computer Science will have access to NORDSYS' V2X infrastructure solutions as part of lectures and current research projects. These are communication systems as a basis for intelligent traffic systems in order to meet future requirements regarding safety and efficiency in road traffic. The aim is to provide students with important insights and knowledge around V2X technology (for example, vehicle-to-vehicle communication) at an early stage, so that they can develop their own scenarios with practical relevance. "The future field of V2X communication is one of the core technologies also for 'autonomous driving'. We are very pleased that the Faculty of Computer Science at Ostfalia University has included this important technology topic in its applied teaching and has integrated our products into the research projects as a practical supplement," says Manfred Miller, Managing Director at NORDSYS GmbH.

NORDSYS now provides the Ostfalia University with the V2X product lines as well as its own system solutions of the waveBEE® brand. The waveBEE® systems are used in test fields worldwide and can practically be considered as industry standard. With their product developments, the engineers from Brunswick provide real innovations for the automotive industry and are market leaders in the context of V2X system solutions.

„A high priority in the cooperation between NORDSYS and Ostfalia University is the transfer of knowledge to students," explains Günter Kircher from the Institute for Distributed Systems in the Faculty of Computer Science. The Institute for 'Distributed Systems` offers the possibility in the study of computer science to get to know these new technologies and to prepare for the work in the environment of vehicle development. Courses teach the basics of how vehicle control units communicate via bus systems or wireless data connections. Advanced courses teach the functionality of driver assistance systems and the basis for 'autonomous driving' of future vehicle generations.

Practical use with the V2X solutions from NORDSYS

In the practical exercises, the systems of NORDSYS are applied. This gives students the opportunity to design and carry out their own research projects. For example, they solve programming exercises for network communication between control units and also get the opportunity to simulate behavior at intersections, avoiding road works or forming an emergency lane through practical training with radio-networked model vehicles.

A first project, which started in April 2018, represents the simulation of V2X scenarios using a small route with model vehicles and is currently being carried out at the Wolfenbüttel campus. Further projects are currently being planned.

Comprehensive research projects

Current research projects at Ostfalia University deal, for example, with the data security of vehicle networks (SECURIN) and the standardization of software for embedded systems (HOLMES). "It is therefore reasonable to apply these research results in a practical way also for vehicle-to-vehicle or vehicle-to-infrastructure communication in short V2X area," says Prof. Dr. Gert Bikker, Vice President for Research, Development and Technology Transfer at Ostfalia. The research projects will be brought together at the university in the research field "Intelligent Systems for Energy and Mobility".

„This coupling of research and teaching provides students with a great deal of practical knowledge from current fields of work and improves the possibility of deployment in companies in the automotive industry environment," explains Sascha Hummel, Managing Director of NORDSYS GmbH.