Brunswick (Germany), in October 2020 – NORDSYS GmbH, a leading provider of V2X system solutions, and ADAC Driving Safety Center Hannover/Laatzen GmbH, a subsidiary of ADAC Lower Saxony/Saxony-Anhalt e. V., have contractually agreed on a far-reaching cooperation for the use of V2X components at the Driving Safety Center Hannover/Laatzen. The aim is to bring the ever-increasing digitization of driving closer to visitors as well as end users at the ADAC safety driving center and to make it testable. For this purpose, the waveBEE® hardware and software technology from NORDSYS was installed on the area. These V2X scenarios are also available to OEMs and their suppliers in particular, in order to be able to develop, test and evaluate upcoming vehicle generations there.

„With our expertise in V2X, AI and autonomous driving as well as the infrastructure of the ADAC, we can even better illustrate to end users the benefits of V2X technology within our waveBEE® product series. Tomorrow's vehicle technologies can thus be experienced in real terms by drivers and we create an understanding of the potential that today's digitalization can generate in traffic," says Manfred Miller, Managing Director of NORDSYS.


Partner of the test field in Lower Saxony

The digitalized, connected and autonomous driving of the future will make a significant contribution to easing the burden on road traffic and to road safety by reducing the number of accidents. Positive secondary factors are the optimized energy efficiency of traffic and the reduction of negative environmental impacts. For this purpose, the Lower Saxony test field was established, which includes sections of the A2, A7, A39, A391 highways as well as parts of the B3, B6, B243 and L295 federal and country roads. Automated and networked vehicles are tested there, and driving behavior and traffic flow are recorded and analyzed. NORDSYS and ADAC Lower Saxony/Saxony-Anhalt e. V. have accompanied the test field as partners and contributed their expertise to the research. Now the next step follows, in which the two companies combine their competencies to also establish the ADAC Driving Safety Center Hanover/Laatzen as a test area for the future of traffic that can be experienced.

„With NORDSYS, we have found a strategic partner with strong expertise in the V2X field. With this step, we want to expand the commitment of ADAC Lower Saxony/Saxony-Anhalt e. V. in the field of connected mobility and offer customers from research and development an optimally equipped test site where complex test scenarios in the V2X field can be mapped. With the advancing networking and automation of traffic, we naturally want to make the technical innovations tangible for ADAC members as well," says Sven Stieger, Managing Director of the ADAC Driving Safety Center Hannover/Laatzen, underlining the growing importance of V2X technology.

Installation of Road Side Units at the ADAC test area

For this purpose, V2X Road Side Units (RSU) of the waveBEE®road series from NORDSYS have already been installed in Laatzen. The RSUs make it possible to simulate both vehicles and traffic infrastructures such as traffic signals or gantries. The networking of vehicles with each other as well as with the infrastructure is an essential requirement of future smart, cooperative or autonomous driving traffic. The connection to existing traffic management centers can be made via mobile radio or via a PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) connection. Even in the basic configuration, common scenarios and use cases can be displayed for test fields with the waveBEE®road, such as: signal phases and intersection topologies, warnings of road works or emergency vehicles, speed limits or even environmental information in case of ice warnings or limited visibility.

Software tools and know-how from NORDSYS

In addition, NORDSYS will provide the ADAC driving safety center with various tools, such as the waveBEE®creator, so that appropriate V2X-related driving scenarios can be created independently at the training site. "In addition to the supply of hardware and software components, ADAC as well as OEMs wishing to rent the test site can call on our globally recognized expertise at any time and contact us with any questions they may have," Miller continues.