Rugged tablet now also available with C-V2X functions

Brunswick (Germany), in October 2020 – NORDSYS GmbH, a leading provider of V2X system solutions, has a globally unique solution with the robust V2X diagnostic system waveBEE®touch, which supports both ETSI ITS-G5 and the SAE WAVE standard. In its latest version, the tablet has now also been extended to include Cellular V2X (C-V2X), which is a 3GPP standard for traffic networking. This uses fourth- and fifth-generation cellular standards (4G and 5G) and enables both direct communication between traffic participants and infrastructure components as well as communication via cellular networks.

"With the integration of the C-V2X communication standard into our established and globally used diagnostic solution waveBEE®touch, we now also enable protocol analysis in the field for mobile radio-based V2X short-range communication. As a further component of our eco-system, waveBEE®touch facilitates the development and testing of C-V2X systems to a considerable extent - as is already known from the ITS-G5 version. With the waveBEE®touch, the user is well equipped for all target markets, whether Europe, USA or China, when it comes to the diagnosis of V2X messages," explains Manfred Miller, Managing Director of NORDSYS.


Multiple message types for complex V2X applications

The waveBEE®touch tablet allows receiving, recording as well as playing back and analyzing V2X communication live and directly on site. The different message types such as CAM, DENM, SPAT, MAP, CPM or BSM are displayed on an interactive map and can be analyzed in detail. With the stand-alone system, the test engineer ensures that the V2X transmitters send out the desired, correct messages and is therefore ideally suited for the validation and diagnosis of complex V2X applications. The integrated functions for recording and playing back data enable detailed analysis of entire V2X fleets during integration tests already on site - efficiently and without the need for further complex diagnostic systems. This makes the tablet an indispensable tool for vehicle manufacturers, system suppliers and infrastructure operators worldwide who need to ensure maintenance and support of corresponding V2X infrastructure.

Extension through C-V2X standard

The tablet has currently been enhanced with the Cellular V2X standard. This uses the 3GPP-standardized 4G LTE or 5G cellular connection to send and receive signals from a vehicle to other vehicles, pedestrians, or to fixed objects such as traffic lights in its surroundings. For communication, it typically uses the 5.9 GHz frequency band - the officially designated frequency for intelligent transportation systems (ITS) in most countries.

Protection against accidents, assistance in road traffic and view of the blind spot

With this expansion, NORDSYS underlines its plans to deliver state-of-the-art technology for the autonomous driving of the future. With C-2VX, as with ITS-G5 based systems, it is possible to quickly and efficiently warn of danger zones, emergency vehicles, pedestrians or construction sites, or to recognize and react to the formation of columns due to traffic jams at an early stage. Furthermore, the standard can be used to implement priority and traffic light assistants, generate protection against rear-end collisions in advance, and monitor blind spots.